WAPCO Egypt is an Egypt based company, specialized in the field of bottling, specifically water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD) bottling since its establishment in 2001.

The company’s factory is based in Sadat industrial city, a strategic location situated halfway between the country’s two main cities: Cairo and Alexandria, and also has clear and easy access to Egypt’s highly populated areas of the Delta. Furthermore, the company’s main headquarter and warehouse is situated in Cairo’s center, in Harraniya, with direct access to the city’s main highway, the ring road. Additionally, the company has 5 branches/warehouses situated in each of the following cities: Tanta, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, East Cairo and Asyout which in turn grant the company’s own distribution force access to all of Egypt’s governates.

WAPCO operates in Egypt under the Aqua Delta brand for its water products and under the Maxi brand for its CSD products, and has established a solid presence with regards to the specific target markets of each product.

In 2014, WAPCO’s board had studied and decided to go through with an expansion process which entailed going into Egypt’s rapidly booming CSD business, which was growing at an exponential rate on a yearly basis, especially in the “B-Brand” segment, which WAPCO was targeting. The company decided from the get-go that quality was going to be their product’s competitive advantage, which lead the company to deciding to work with top suppliers of raw materials and different product components, in order to maximize consumers’ experience, and create a long term brand which translates into a sustainable business.

In 2021, WAPCO’s board approved the purchase of a fourth production line, from the highest quality German supplier, which allowed Wapco to further enhance its production capacities with the latest technology.